The Steven Spielberg Jewish Film Archive Collection

Two Sides of the Same Story

18 Minutes, 1978
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Directed by: Edgar Hirshbain
Production Company:Geffen Productions, JNF
Photographer: Michael Shobitz, Ronny Danon, Edgar Hirshbain
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

A short documentary produced by the Jewish National Fund about farming communities in Israel.
The settlements of Ketura and Zar’it seem like two opposites at first glance: one is in the Arava desert and the other in the Galilee; the former is populated by immigrants from the United States, and the latter by immigrants from Morocco; The residents of one are more educated, while those of the other are less so. Nevertheless, the lives of the people in both communities share surprising similarities.
This short film examines the daily lives in Ketura and Zar’it, focusing on agricultural work in the settlements and defense against threats from neighboring borders. The film’s narrative suggests that the similarities among Jewish settlers of the land are greater than the differences.

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