The Musical Laughter Group, Episode 5 : Reconciliation

The Musical Laugh Group: Reconciliation

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An episode of a road traffic safety series produced by the Israeli Film Service and the Ministry of Transport.
Members of the childrens band The Musical Laugh Group ride their bikes to a recording session at Mr. Averbuchs rehearsal studio. On their way there, the children learn why it is important to slow before a zebra crossing.
(Director: Pinchas Elazari; producer: Shmuel Altman; editor: Atara Horenstein; cinematographer: Nissim Leon; actors: Ronit Goldman, Hagai Sharabi, Yossi Isler, Tzvika Kalisher, Yaakov Bodo, Ada Sapir, Gabi Amrani, Nathan Wolfovich, Rivka Gur; soundtrack composer: Yoel Sharr; soundtrack lyrics writer: Amos Ettinger)

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