63 Minutes, 2002
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Directed by: Anat Zuria
Production:Amit Breuer
Production Company:Amithos Films
Photographer: Nurit Aviv, Nili Azlan, Shiri Bar-On
Original Music: Yonatan Bar Giora
Languages: English, Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

Purity is the first part of documentary filmmaker Anat Zuria’s trilogy where she delves into various aspects of womanhood and the female experience in ultraorthodox Jewish society, and explores a range of topics very much seen as taboo in these circles. Zuria started shooting the film just six weeks after the birth of her fifth daughter; a period where, according to Jewish Halachic law, she is still considered impure and therefore her husband is forbidden from making any physical contact with her. Purity focuses on the mikveh [ritualistic bathing – EE] and female menstruation period (aka ‘Niddah’), and offers a rare glimpse into the word of sexuality and femininity in ultraorthodox society. Zuria turns her camera inwards, on herself and her three main protagonists who speak candidly about topics that are the definition of taboo in their world.
The film was shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival, and featured at multiple festivals around the world where it went on to win slew of awards, including Outstanding Documentary Film at Munich’s 2003 DOK.fest.

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