Wasserman The Rain Man

56 Minutes, 2005
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Directed by: Idit Shehori
Cast: Yosef Carmon, Naama Shapira, Golan Azulai, Irit Nathan Benedek, Amnon Wolf, Alon Lysy
Production:Mosh Danon, Yifat Prestelnik
Production Company:Inusan Productions
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Abraham Wasserman, a Holocaust survivor who had lost his entire family in the camps, and who has since turned his back on God is an elderly farmer living in a small, rural community. Of his two daughters, one still lives with him whilst the other has become ultra-orthodox. The relationship with his immediate family is complex, as is the one with his grandchildren and the other locals in the community which, over the years, has grown increasingly religious. It is a drought year and Abraham, for whom working the field is his whole life, finds himself at a critical juncture: he stands to lose everything – his livelihood, his family; even his hatred of God which is keeping him alive. In this time of crisis, he is left with no choice but to seek out the same God whom he had forsaken; and pray.

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