The Octettes

53 Minutes, 2016
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Directed by: Lena Chaplin
Production:Daniella Reiss Razon
Photographer: Izak Portal
Language: Hebrew
| Subtitles not available

If anyone tells you old age is superior to youth – you mustn’t believe them / that it has its own advantage and merits – you mustn’t believe them / that it commands experience and knowledge worthy of one’s respect and grace – you mustn’t believe them / old age is only superior to death / and that too, for now, remains to be seen.
With these words, taken from poet and author, Julia Wiener’s poem, filmmaker Lena Chaplin begins her film in which she chronicles her four protagonists’ journey – women in their ninth decade navigating their way through the paths of old age. They are director and choreographer Naomi Polani; political activist Dalia Golomb who, amongst other things, leads guided tours of the Watch Checkpoint in the Occupied West Bank; poet Julia Wiener and the director herself, Lena Chaplin. By capturing the other three protagonists’ stories, Chaplin undertakes her own journey in her ninth decade, exploring the many memories and questions raised by this chapter of one’s life. The film earned a Special Mention at the Haifa International Film Festival.

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