Song of Galilee

54 Minutes, 1996
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Directed by: Daniel Wachsmann
Production:Daniel Wachsmann, Shlomit Smadgia
Photographer: Micha Livne
Language: Hebrew
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Galilean independence; the lost treasures of the Temple; a cult of fanatic zealots; an underground network of tunnels underneath Mount Meron – with this arsenal of ingredients at his disposal, Daniel Wachsmann set out to make the mockumentary we have here. Armed with a camera and donning an Indiana Jones-style fedora on his head, Wachsmann plays a documentary filmmaker who goes out on a sleuthing trail, following a mysterious death in the Galilee. Wachsmann takes great, discernible pleasure in weaving Jewish mythology into contemporary Galilee life. Using a cinematic language which he speaks fluently, coupled with the bewitching vistas of the Galilee in winter, he is able to breathe life into a local Twin Peaks-esque tale of sorts.

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