45 Minutes, 1982
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Directed by: Serge Ankri
Cast: Shlomo Bar-Aba, Albert Iluz, נטע Plotski
Production:Colin Rozin
Photographer: Serge Ankri
Subtitles not available

In his graduation project from Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television Studies, director Serge Ankri already shows a commitment to realism that would persist throughout his film career. The film opens and ends with John Lennon’s song, ‘Working Class,’ and in doing so raises a question about the main protagonist: whilst no doubt a member of the working class, is he however a hero? Asher is a hard-living, disgruntled, and violent workman. His domestic life with his wife and son is challenging, as is his day job at the factory. Then, when strike action is announced at the factory, a lost Asher starts having an affair with a young student. The film was featured at Sicily’s Kamarina Film Festival.

Narrative Short

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