Voices from the Booth

50 Minutes, 2013
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Directed by: Lena Chaplin
Languages: Hebrew, Russian
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Who are the real people behind the figure of the “guard in the booth”? Filmmaker Lena Chaplin turns the spotlight onto these otherwise invisible individuals who are seen regularly manning security kiosks and booths at carparks and school entrances around Israel. In the process, she reveals the rich, multilayered world of older former Soviet immigrants – a tapestry of erstwhile artists and intellectuals who, since immigrating, have had to accept a string of zero-hour contract security jobs just to make ends meet. There’s Leonid who, in a previous life, was an exhibition curator and arts critic and whose main aim now is to save enough money to afford a book by his favourite philosopher, Henri Bergson; Aaron, who used to be a professional luthier (violin maker) and violin teacher; Lila, a former general surgeon, and Signet who, once upon a time was an accordion player and singer.

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