Summer at Erica's

77 Minutes, 1992
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Directed by: Dalia Hagar
Cast: Elisheva Michaeli, Yinon Bar-Natan, Alex Monte, Hinna Rozovska
Production:Dalia Hagar
Photographer: Jorge Gurvich, Alex Ben Raf
Language: Hebrew
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The film follows the deepening bond between Erica, an ageing theatre actress and her nine-year-old grandson, Uri, who is forced to spend the sweltering summer months with his gran whilst his parents are holidaying in Europe. The bored grandson passes his time in the company of his grandmother and her elderly girlfriends, in addition to helping her prepare for an audition where she is meant to perform a musical number in Romanian. One day, he decides to fix her up with her new neighbour, Yaakov, who, out of his loneliness has taken to collecting newspaper death notices and sticking them in photo albums.

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