Micha Shagrir Film Collection

Hungarian Cube - A Journey with Andre Hajdu

73 Minutes, 2013
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Directed by: Gilad Inbar
Production:Micha Shagrir, Amitay Achiman
Production Company:Shiba Communications Ltd.
Photographer: Dror Lebendiger
Languages: Hebrew, , French
| Subtitles not available

srael Prize winner, composer Andre Hajdu, is a multi-faceted man. Just like the Hungarian Rubric’s cube where a new color is revealed when you turn it at different angles, so is Hajdu’s complex and rich biography.
Throughout his life, Andre positioned himself as an outsider and has been able to use those contradictions as a tool for growth and a well for inspiration. He combines an uncompromising Orthodox religious life with a bold avant-garde artistic expression. This is a choice that often puts him in an awkward position in the religious world in which he lives as well as in the circles of composers and academics amongst whom he works.
The choice to live as he does creates identity issues for his six sons – and none of them has chosen to continue on his unique path. Some of them have chosen a completely secular life-style, while others live religious Orthodox lives – all the while keeping a safe distance from their father’s dangerous fires of creativity.
In THE HUNGARIAN CUBE we are presented with the complex portrait of Andre Hajdu. We get to know his work, his circuitous life-path, along with his sons and his wife Ruth, a convert to Judaism, who allows him to soar.

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