9 Star Hotel

78 Minutes, 2006
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Directed by: Ido Haar
Production:Edna Kowarsky, Elinor Kowarsky
Production Company:Eden Productions
Photographer: Ido Haar
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

In the early hours of the morning, as the sun peaks through the pine needles of a densely planted forest, the silence is broken by footsteps. A young man, carrying his belongings on his back, looks around nervously. Behind him, other men are walking without exchanging a word. Sweat pours down their tense faces. The sound of an engine breaks the silence. They stop in their tracks. A military vehicle appears. They start running, scattering among the trees in search of cover.
Ahmad (19) and Muhammad (20), the film’s protagonists, are part of a group of young Palestinian “llegal” workers building the new Israeli city of Modi’in and living in hiding in the surrounding hills. These two best friends, who met in the hideout, refuse to capitulate to the impossible difficulties of their lives. In the face of repeated persecution, arrest and ambush, they create a vibrant world for themselves where humor mixes with longing and pain. As the Separation Fence under construction in the outlying hills threatens to cut off their only route into Israel, reality closes in on them. When the moment of truth hits, they find themselves caught off guard and altogether unprepared.


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