50 Minutes and 13 seconds , 2011
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Directed by: Amir Har-gil
Production: Provid Film Producers Ltd.

Director Amir Har-Gil’s film is the first of its kind Israeli-Palestinian coproduction to have been commissioned in the country. Its protagonists are an assortment of Israelis and Palestinians – all of whom are trapped in an impossible reality. The film features a patchwork of Israeli and Palestinian characters in the days when the violence and tensions between the two people were reaching fever pitch: there’s Mohammed, a Palestinian teen who was arrested by Israeli soldiers during a demonstration by the Wall; Natalie, who lives in the habitually shelled southern Israeli city of Sderot and whose home suffered a direct rocket hit; Sammy – a doctor who spends roughly half his day, every day, trying to get through Israeli security checkpoints; Giddy, a combat soldier stationed in the Occupied Territories; Fatma, a teacher who’s had an IDF bulldozer fell her olive trees; and Shmulik, a surgeon who was injured in a terrorist attack.

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