Micha Shagrir Film Collection

Bischofstrasse, Linz

58 Minutes, 2006
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Directed by: Micha Shagrir
Production:Micha Shagrir
Production Company:Shiba Communications Ltd.
Photographer: Meni Elias
Languages: Hebrew, English,
| Subtitles not available

Filmmaker Micha Shagrir, whose original name was Schwager, was born in Linz, Upper Austria on November 1st 1937, only four months before the Anschluss-the annexation of Austria by Nazi Germany. Shagrir’s great-grandfather settled in the city at the end of the 18th century and built his home on Bishop Street; Bischofstrasse. The family opened a sweets factory that continued to produce candy and to sweeten lives even after World War II. At the beginning of the twentieth century, another family also settled on the same street, the family of Adolph Eichmann…
One street. Two different families. Micha Shagrir is going back to his hometown.

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