Janusz Korczak: Doctor, Author, Educator

58 Minutes, 1978
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Directed by: Bella Baram
Production:Bella Baram
Production Company:ששת הפקות
Photographer: Uzzi Fishler, David Gurfinkel
Narrator: Illi Gorlitzky
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

The film before us was produced in commemoration of Janusz Korczak’s centennial birthday. Korczak, who was born Henryk Goldszmit studied and practised medicine, in addition to writing education, philosophy, and children’s books, having essentially dedicated his whole life to education. He ran a Warsaw-based orphanage where he employed a novel pedagogic approach whereby children were given greater freedom and responsibility. The orphanage remained operational in the ghetto during Nazi occupation, however its young residents were one of the first to have been sent to the Treblinka death camp during a mass deportation campaign in the summer of 1942. The film here is made up almost entirely of various excepts taken from Korczak’s books and journals where he outlines his educational philosophy and sentiments about all the historic upheavals he has lived through. All of that is articulated visually through a blend of archive footage and some staged illustrations shot in 1978 Israel, in which Baram set out to recreate and capture the authentic spirit of things.

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