Big Eyes

81 Minutes, 1974

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Directed by: Uri Zohar
Production:Uri Zohar
Production Company:Big Eyes Ltd.
Photographer: David Gurfinkel
Original Music: Miki Gavrielov
Language: Hebrew
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The second and by far, most personal film in director Uri Zohar’s Tel Aviv trilogy, bookended by Peeping Toms (1972) and Save the Lifeguard (1977). The film’s protagonist, Benny Furman (played by Zohar) is a basketball league coach and serial philanderer. Furman spends his time throughout the film trying to balance his domestic life with the wife and kids, and his professional life as a coach – all the while, attempting to fit into both as many extramarital affairs as he possibly can.
This film saw Zohar mixing together life and art: Zohar’s then-wife, Elia, also plays his character’s wife in the film. His close friend and creative partner, Arik Einstein plays Benny Furman’s best mate and basketball team protégé, whilst Sima Eliahu (who, later will go on to marry Einstein) plays her namesake, Seema – the object of Furman’s desires and indiscretions. Paraphrasing the film’s opening theme song, written by Zohar, Einstein, and Miki Gavrielov, one might say that this is the story of Uri Zohar, himself, who always seemed to have an ace up his sleeve; a man who had everything you could possibly want – and still, somehow, wanted more.
The understated script was penned by Zohar and Yaakov Shabtai, whilst cinematographer David Gurfinkel assumed Director of Photography duties, opting to shoot the film in black and white, which gave it a rich blend of contrast, expressiveness, depth, and darkness.

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