Inside the archive’s treasure troves – a history restored and retold: Houses of Worship

1 Minute, 2018
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Directed by: Avi Nesher
Language: Hebrew
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As part of the Israel Film Archives’ special Treasure Troves project, filmmaker Avi Nesher chose to create a space where faith meets art in this thought-provoking short clip, titled Houses of Worship. “It’s not by chance that the Jewish worshipper is required to join a ‘minyan’ [a prayer group of ten, traditionally male, worshippers], that is to partake in a ritual that takes place in a communal setting – such is also the nature and origin of the collective filmgoing experience, which in itself, is a different form of ritual,” Nesher explains. The film ends with a meeting of faith and art in a scene taken from the 1964 avantgarde feature, Hole in the Moon, where a young Uri Zohar drops to his knees on Holy Land soil and kisses the ground.
Original Archival Footage:
• The Moledet Reels
• The Geva Reels
• Hole in the Moon (1964)
• Brennender Sand (aka Burning Sands) (1960)

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