85 Minutes, 2017
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Cast: Shifra Milshtein, Rivka Gur, Shmuel Edelman
Photographer: Yoav Kosh
Language: Hebrew
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Director Isaac Zepel Yehurun’s film was produced in collaboration with his students at Sapir College’s School of Audio & Visual Arts. The result is a film that treads the line between a comedy with melodramatic undertones, and a melodrama with distinct comedic notes.
When Lulek’s neighbour, with whom he had once had an extramarital affair, passes away, his Alzheimer’s symptoms take a turn for the worse and he starts to dissociate from reality altogether. Alongside his cognitive decline, Lulek’s attitude towards his wife, Martha, also changes and starts treating her as though she were his maid. As his memory and grip on reality both slip away, so does Lulek and Martha’s long-time dream of a holiday in Alaska.

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