Carmel Newsreel II-205, June 30, 1956

Navy Destroyers Arrive at Haifa Port

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The two new destroyers of the Israeli Navy are coming from England to Israel. Two torpedo boats reach a great distance from the shore to greet the destroyers, Israeli jets salute the destroyers from the air. Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan and his entourage board one of the destroyers. In the meantime, thousands of people are waiting for the arrival of the destroyers at the port docks and on the decks of ships anchored there. The audience also includes the prime minister and his cabinet ministers, Knesset members and military attachés. The destroyers approach the harbor as the torpedo boats precede them. Guns fire an artillery barrage in honor of the destroyers. Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion congratulates the Navy and calls for strengthening Israels naval force. Ben-Gurion and senior military officers board one of the destroyers for a tour.

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