Carmel Newsreel II-174, April 30, 1955

Independence Day Celebrations in Afula and Granting Nes HaKomemiut Flag to Northern Settlements

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Independence Day celebrations and Nes HaKomemiut ceremony in Afula, honoring a flag to ten northern settlements: Beit Yosef, Beit Keshet, Gesher, Tirat Zvi, Kfar Horesh, Mishmar HaEmek, Masada, Sajara, Ein Gev and Shaar HaGolan. A large crowd is present. Minister of Interior Israel Rokach presents the flag to settlement representatives who fought in the 1948 war. A military parade of infantry soldiers, womens corps and a military vehicles convoy. Rokach, Afula Local Council Head David Kaniel and IDF commanders stand on the reviewing stand as soldiers pass by and salute them.
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