Carmel Newsreel II-171, March 19, 1955

An Official Visit by Golda Meir

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Minister Golda Meir arrives at a ceremony in an Arab village. An entourage of Arab men escorts Meir and army personnel up a road, headed by two horsemen holding Israeli flags. Locals pass by Meir and shake her hand. Meir cuts a ceremonial ribbon and the audience around her applauds. Meir is given a flower bouquet. A man delivers a speech to Meir and her entourage. Meir delivers a speech and the audience applauds. A horseman rides through a ceremonial gate made of foliage waving an Israeli flag. Women shake and kiss Meirs hand. A woman delivers a speech to the audience. Meir stands with local women. Meir exchanges handshakes with the speaker and enters a vehicle. Children applaud Meir and her entourage as they walk by.
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