Discover Israeli Film at its Finest

You are invited to watch well over 250 feature-length films made in Israel / Palestine from 1928 until present-day. Alongside the films, you will find a host of collections curated by film professionals, where select scenes have been compiled together by topic.

Please note:

  • Some of the titles are available for free, whereas others are premium content and require a one-time payment, after which the title will be available for 72 hours
  • As of right now, most of the films are only available in their native language and without any subtitles. We are however working on it
  • We’re currently during our trial run! Please contact us with any issues or queries via our Customer Support page on the menu

Pressure 1984

Directed by: Michele Ohayon

Hungarian Cube - A Journey with Andre Hajdu

Gilad Inbar
הקוביה ההונגרית - מסע עם אנדרה היידו

Tel Aviv Call Girls

Paul Lawrence Smith
ז’אקו והיצאניות To order

Urban Tale

Eliav Lilti
מעשייה אורבנית To order

And The Alley She Whitewashed in Light Blue

Nili Portugali
ואת הסמטה היא סיידה בתכלת To order


Ohad Milstein
מבול To order

Janusz Korczak: Doctor, Author, Educator

Bella Baram
יאנוש קורצ’אק: רופא, סופר, מחנך Free

The Illegals

Meyer Levin
הבלתי לגאליים To order


Raphael Nadjari
אבנים To order

With Rules

Dover Kosashvili
עם חוקים To order

August Snow

Hagai Levi
שלג באוגוסט To order