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You are invited to watch well over 250 feature-length films made in Israel / Palestine from 1928 until present-day. Alongside the films, you will find a host of collections curated by film professionals, where select scenes have been compiled together by topic.

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  • Some of the titles are available for free, whereas others are premium content and require a one-time payment, after which the title will be available for 72 hours
  • As of right now, most of the films are only available in their native language and without any subtitles. We are however working on it
  • We’re currently during our trial run! Please contact us with any issues or queries via our Customer Support page on the menu
סרט השבוע

Total Love 1999

Directed by: Gur Bentwich
Gur Bentwich's ("The Blue Star") film, co-written with author Etgar Keret, follows three friends - Haim, Zohar, and Lily – who have concocted a new...
To order

Day off

Tzipi Trope
יום חופש Free

The Bentwich Syndrome

Gur Bentwich
סינדרום בנטביץ’ To order

Life According to Agfa

Assi Dayan
החיים על פי אגפא To order

Adama (Land)

Iftach Shevach
אדמה To order

Saint Clara

Ari Folman, Ori SIvan
קלרה הקדושה To order

Piano Lesson

Tzipi Trope
שיעור בפסנתר Free

Africa! Sia Lives on Kilimanjaro

Dvorit Shargal
אפריקה! סיאה מהקלימנג’רו To order


Dover Kosashvili
התגנבות יחידים To order

A Thousand Little Kisses

Mira Recanati
אלף נשיקות קטנות To order

Kapo in Jerusalem

Uri Barbash
קאפו בירושלים To order