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You are invited to watch well over 300 feature-length films made in Israel / Palestine from 1928 until present-day. Alongside the films, you will find a host of collections curated by film professionals, where select scenes have been compiled together by topic.

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Amazing Grace 1992

Directed by: Amos Guttman

Late filmmaker, Amos Guttman’s melodrama is the director’s most intimate film – and swan song. About a year after the release of this heavily...

To order

Legends of the Lost Tribes (#7)

Aran Patinkin
בעקבות השבטים האבודים (פרק 7) New Free

The True Story of Palestine

Nathan Axelrod, Uri Zohar, Joel Silberg
עץ או פלסטיין To order

The Fox in the Chicken Coop

Ephraim Kishon
השועל בלול התרנגולות To order


Boaz Davidson
חגיגה בסנוקר To order English Subtitles

Late Summer Blues

Renen Schorr
בלוז לחופש הגדול To order English Subtitles

Mom's first Olympics

Ran Carmeli
האולימפיאדה הראשונה של אמא Free English Subtitles

Up the Wrong Tree

Gur Bentwich
לרדת מהעץ To order English Subtitles

Intimate Grammar

Nir Bergman
הדקדוק הפנימי To order

The Flying Camel

Rami Naaman
הגמל המעופף To order


Ayelet Menahemi
נודל To order