Her Dream

18 Minutes and 37 seconds , 1987
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Directed by: Raquel Chalfi
Her dream – also, a dream of hers; also, a gendered, female dream. Raquel Chalfi attempts to craft a potential alternate version that is also a mirror image of her own 1983 film, Bluebeard. In lieu of Bluebeard’s contrasts, fragmentation, staccato and syncopated rhythms, Her Dream’s creator composes a feminine dream in ‘legato.’ A dream of one’s hunger and fumbling for touch. A film devoid of any and all dialogue, save for a disembodied voice reciting a short poem by Chalfi: Joining in Water / I sought to join with water / but could not / I sought to join water with water / and knew not which is which / the primordial waters/ I sought to join water with water / but my strength failed me in its midst / and I was joined with it, myself / and I descended into it / to find there / its edges.
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