In the Name of Love

1 hour and 30 Minutes and 24 seconds , 1994
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Directed by: Idit Shehori
Cast: Shifra Milshtein, Dan Turgeman, Michal Vered, Yaakov Alperin, Dori Naomenko
A cauldron of passions and infidelities between five individuals longing for love who, in the process of trying to find it, end up hurting and betraying everyone they love. The story takes place throughout the course of one night during which all the lies are exposed, and the truth comes to light. It is then that it finally becomes clear, beyond any doubt, that despite longing for it, all five of them are simply incapable of love. In the Name of Love was shown at various festivals worldwide, including the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival where it won an award for Best Film.
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