Dan Turgeman is a theatre, film and television actor, and film director. Turgeman studied at Tel Aviv University’s Department of Theatre Arts and after graduating, soon found work as a stage actor. He has also starred in many Israeli TV series including Ha-Hofesh Ha’Acharon (‘the last school holiday’), City Tower, Night Shift: For the Glory of the State of Israel, Laga’at Ba’osher (‘touching happiness’), The Eight, and Ananda. His film credits include: Shell Shock (Yoel Sharon, 1998), Esh Tzolevet (‘crossfire’) (Gideon Ganani, 1989), The Valley Train (Jonathan Paz, 1989), Amor (Raphael Rebibo, 2016), and Indoors (Eitan Green, 2016).
In 1997, Turgeman helmed the film adaptation of Benjamin Tamuz’s novel, Minotaur, directed by Jonathan Tammuz. Turgeman wrote the screenplay, in addition to juggling both acting and producing duties. The following decade, he directed the films Mashehu Matok (‘something sweet’) (2004), and The Golden Pomegranate (2010).



Directed by Raphael Rebibo, 2016
Rental English subs.

86 min.


In the Name of Love

Directed by Idit Shehori, 1994
בשם האהבה

90 min.

Student Film

This is Sodom

Directed by Julie Shles, 1989
זוהי סדום

25 min.


Cross Fire

Directed by Gideon Ganani, 1989
אש צולבת

90 min.


The Valley Train

Directed by Jonathan Paz, 1989
רכבת העמק

84 min.

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