The House on Tabenkin St.

1 hour and 26 Minutes and 3 seconds , 2008
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Directed by: Liviu Carmely
On the cusp of the twenty first century, director Liviu Carmely began documenting two processes with his camera: his parenting journey with hid toddler, Dean, and the completion of a block of flats that was being constructed outside his window. His young son’s childhood triggers a need in Carmely to fill in the missing pieces of his own; and so, he travels to Romania to reunite with his birthmother who abandoned him when he was a toddler, with the hope of reimagining and retelling his own life story. Boasting a film style that in no small part references and borrows from David Perlov, Carmely has created a conscious and deeply intimate cinematic diary in which he tackles issues such us one’s individual and national home, parenting, and identity.
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