Yael Poliakov is an actress and screenwriter. In her teens, Poliakov was a member of Israeli pop group and TV sensation, Tel Aviv’s Youths (‘zeirei Tel Aviv’), whilst also starring in the TV series, Lo Kolel Sherut (‘service not included’) and Tluyim BaAvir (‘suspended in midair’). She later went on to star in Mishpacha VaChetzi (‘family and a half’). Echad Ha’am 1 (‘1 Echad Ha’am St.’), Makimi, and many more. Poliakov created, wrote, and starred in Hakol Dvash (‘it’s all peachy’) – a dramedy based on her own life. The series earned her an Israeli Television Academy Award for Best Screenplay, as well as a win in the Best Actress category. Poliakov is also the creator of docu-reality programme, Poliakovim (‘the Poliakovs’) about her family’s and her real life exploits. In film, Poliakov starred in Jacob (Yankul) Goldwasser’s 2006 film, She’s Got it.
Poliakov is the daughter of actor and comedian, Yisrael (aka Polly) Poliakov.


She's Got It

Directed by Yaakov (Yankul) Goldwasser, 2006
אין לה אלוהים

90 min.

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