Shay Kanot is a director and screenwriter. Kanot, a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television Studies, co-created the teen drama series, The Real Thing! (‘chalomot ne’urim’ – ‘teenage dreams’ in Hebrew) along with Matti Harari and Arik Lubetzki. Then, in 2002, he co-created with his then-fulltime collaborator, Reshef Levi, the much lauded police drama, Tik Sagur (‘case closed’) which aired on Israel’s then-newest broadcaster, Channel 10. In 2007, the pair struck gold again with their latest TV crime drama, The Arbitrator. The show enjoyed consistently high ratings and a very successful four-season run.
Kanot was a staff writer on the first season of critically acclaimed drama, Weekends and Holidays (‘Shabatot VeHagaim’) (2001) along with Eran Kolirin and Rani Blair. He later co-directed all season two episodes of the series Meorav Yerushalmi (‘Jerusalem mixed grill’) with legendary Israeli filmmaker and director, Jacob Goldwasser; all five seasons of teen drama Kfula (‘double’) starring Noa Kirel, and most recently the series Bney Or (‘children of light’), which he co-directed with Guy Balila. Kanot is also the co-creator of reality TV programme Once in a Lifetime (originally ‘ha-chayim al-pi Y’, ‘life according to Y’ in Hebrew), along with Lee Yardeni and Maya Klug.
To date, Kanot has directed four feature films: Columbian Love (2004), which was shown at the Jerusalem Film Festival; Kicking out Shoshana (2014), a huge box office hit that drew over 200,000 viewers to cinemas; Ibiza (2015), yet another box office hit with over 100,000 viewers to its name, and Four by Four (2016).


Columbian Love

Directed by Reshef Levi, Shay Kanot, 2004
אהבה קולומביאנית
Rental English subs.

99 min.

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