Jubilee of Betar

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A documentary produced by the Israeli leadership of Betar for the 50th anniversary of the youth movement.
Several events were held in Israel throughout the year 1973 to celebrate Betar’s jubilee. This short film documents the main ones: the 12th International Betar Conference in Jerusalem in the presence of Minister of Internal Affairs Yosef Burg and Knesset Member Menachem Begin; the Betar March from Al Nabi Yusha’ to Tel Hai; the summer camp “Beitariada” in Eshtaol Forest, with Israeli and foreign participants; a conference of Beitar’s Nahal groups, with representatives from the movement’s 34 Garinim (groups); and a march from Betar fortress to Jerusalem’s Mount Herzl, which ended with a memorial ceremony for Ze’ev Jabotinsky, the movement’s founder.