[Farkash Himsley Home Movies #105]

17 Minutes, 1949
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Photographer: Hanna Farkas Himsley
Language: Silent
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Footage from Jerusalem 1949, Independence Day: soldiers driving down HaKeshet St; the military court; Ruthie and Asia Beller; Yoel Matot; military police; the Salvia Hotel (nowadays, Yad Ha-Rav Nissim House on Jabotinsky St.); soldiers marching towards the gathering area at the Valley of the Cross (now Sacher Park); jeep making its way up; crowds on the shoulders of the road watching on; Prof. and Mrs. Oulizky; soldiers marching; lorry with megaphones; crowds cheering; mules carrying weapons and ammunition; horses in a parade; an armoured vehicle; a sign at the back of a van that reads, “we willed it and it is no dream”’ a van driving down HaPalmach St.; a panoramic shot of South Jerusalem; Old Katamon and Talpiot (neighbourhoods); Shmulik Matot; no man’s land; destroyed homes; posing for photos; the Tower of David in the background; Independence Day parade on King George St. Locals out on their rooftops and balconies; a woman taking photos; people in the street crouching to take photos; the parade passing through – horse-mounted riders; mass crowds.

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