The Israel Film Service Collection

The Invasion of the Arab Armies - May 1948

36 Minutes, 1973
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Directed by: David Perlov
Production:Igal Efrati, Yehuda Eilan, Yehuda Schneidman
Photographer: Oded Hornik
Narrator: Ilana Zukerman, Gabi Yinon
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A film produced by the Israeli Film Service, marking the 25th anniversary of the State of Israel, which portrays the dramatic chain of events leading to the invasion of the Arab armies to Israel after the declaration of independence. The acceptance of the partition plan proposal at the UN General Assembly on November 29 inspired great joy in the Jewish Yishuv, but at the same time, as Prime Minister David BenGurion recollects, a great fear from war. And indeed, it triggered the bloodsheds and fighting that were carried throughout the mixed cities and the settlements all over the country. The Yishuv was forced to secretly train and gather weapons illegally under the strict British Mandate administration. After long days of fighting, the heads of the Yishuv decided to declare independence, knowing the great risk of accelerating the the Arab Leagues resolution to invade with their armies, which, as expected, occured immediately after the declaration. The film includes original pictures from the war filmed by both sides, and documentation of the leaders of the Arab forces and the Yishuv in the crucial moments of the War of Independence.

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