The Key

Life on the Maabarah Damages a Familys Spirit

6 Minutes, Unknown date
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Directed by: Bernard Evslin
Production:Roni Yaakov
Photographer: Yitzhak Herbst
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

The Levi family has been living for seven years on the maabarah (transit camp for new Jewish immigrants, typically from Muslim countries). The economic hardship and dire living conditions impact the fabric of the family: the father is disgruntled, the mother mournful, and the daughter Ruth run off in anguish. Just as she leaves, appear her brother Yosef, on leave from the army. Yosef goes on a walk in the Maabarah with his young brother David, and urges him to run away as well. Part fo a film produced by the United Jewish Appeal.

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