Our Ten Best Years

Eddie Cantor in State of Israel Bonds Advertisement

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An excerpt from Our Ten Best Years, an advertisement video produced by State of Israel Bonds (Development Corporation for Israel, DCI) to encourage American Jews to buy debt securities issued by the State of Israel.
Whatever you put through Israel Bonds will come back to you not only in dollars but in the heartwarming feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, explains the Jewish-American actor and comedian Eddie Cantor in this video. In a long monolog, Cantor lists a variety of reasons why American Jews should buy Israeli debt securities via DCI: to help Israel absorb Jewish immigrants, to protect it from hostile Arab countries, to invest in the growing industry in the Negev Desert, to facilitate the Jewish people’s recuperation after the Holocaust, and even to find the meaning of existence in the intimidating times of the Cold War. “Put your money in the things that count, and your life will be truly worth living, promises Cantor.
(Editor: Jack Kaufman; cinematographer: Virgil Miller; production company: Film Craft Productions)

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