Sounds in the Grass

A Kibbutz or an Orchestra

4 Minutes, 1980
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Production:Igal Efrati, Shmuel Altman
Photographer: Nisan Mufkadi, Ilan Rosenberg
Original Music: Haim Gilad
Language: Hebrew
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An excerpt from the film “Sounds in the Grass” produced by the Israel Film Service, features two musicians in the orchestra who talk about their feelings regarding the transformation of the kibbutz chamber orchestra into a professional orchestra. Both orchestra members are engaged in unique work that requires time, therefore a conflict arises between the needs of the kibbutz and the ambitions of the orchestra in its professional development.
(Direction: Tommy Lang, Ilan Eldad, photography: Ilan Rosenberg, Nissan Mofkadi, production: Yigal Efrati, Shmuel Altman, electrician: Nimrod Geter, recording: Haim Gilad)

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