The Israel Film Service Collection

This Week 25 Years Ago, Episode #27

13 Minutes, 1973
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Directed by: Igal Bursztyn
Production:Ilan Levin
Production Company:Israel Film Service
Photographer: Balman Alex
Narrator: Ram Evron
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A 35 episode documentary TV series created by the Israeli Film Service. The script follows a week by week account of events in the 1948 war starting with the 1947 UN resolution on the Partition Plan for Palestine and concluding with Israel’s first Defense Forces Parade, on July 27, 1948.
The Egyptian campaign against the Yad Mordechai and Negba kibbutzim, and the repeated shelling of the Egyptian Air Force by the city of Tel Aviv, are the central events of the twenty-seventh week of the war. The battle for the Negev will last two full months, from the end of May 29 to the end of July 1948, during which Kibbutz Negba repulses the fierce attacks by the Egyptian Expeditionary Force, whose attempts to occupy it failed in part due to the extensive mine field surrounding the kibbutz. Kibbutz residents and forces from the Givati and Negev brigades take part in the battles for the Negev. The occupation of the Iraq Suwaydan police station by IDF forces on November 9, 1948, removes the threat to Kibbutz Negba and the Egyptian army withdraws. Kibbutz Negba’s stand is considered one of the heroic episodes of the War of Independence, but this is not the end of the Egyptian army’s attempts to occupy the country from the south: in early June, three Egyptian naval warships approach and bomb Tel Aviv from the sea. The pilot of the Israeli Air Force’s fighter squadron is called from Café Kassit in Tel Aviv, and with the help of other crews shells the Farouk. The other two warships retreat south. One of the three fighter squadrons with two young pilots aboard crashes near the Tel Aviv shore, but the bodies of the pilots are never recovered.

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