The Israel Film Service Collection

This Week 25 Years Ago, Episode 11

14 Minutes, 1973
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Directed by: Avi Cohen
Cast: Unknown
Production:David Goldstein
Production Company:Israeli Film Service
Photographer: Dani Schneor, Hanania Baer
Original Music: Unknown
Narrator: Ram Evron
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A 35 episode documentary TV series created by the Israeli Film Service. The script follows a week by week account of events in the 1948 war starting with the 1947 UN resolution on the Partition Plan for Palestine and concluding with Israel’s first Defense Forces Parade, on July 27, 1948. The 11th week of the war The Yemin Moshe neighborhood of Jerusalem is attacked by Arabs, but Haganah units repel the attackers The illegal immigrant ship Yerushalim HaNetzora Jerusalem the Besieged is captured by the British and 700 of its passengers are deported to Cyprus The second Palmach squadron is established in the Negev settlement Nir AmThis episode follows the underground arms industry The Ayalon Institute, an underground munitions industry, is the main supplier of light ammunition to the Haganah forces, and a scientific unit is engaged in the planning and production of weapons adapted to specific field conditions, including that of Jerusalem The shortage of raw materials leads to the improvising of weapon components, including using sewer pipes or outdated Britishmade shell debris Science Corps, the scientific unit established by BenGurion known by the acronym Hemed, which will lay the foundation for the Israeli arms industry, is tasked with, among other things, designing remotecontrolled boats and adapting the British Sten submachine gun for local production.

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