The Israel Film Service Collection

This Week 25 Years Ago, Episode 6

10 Minutes, 1973
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Directed by: Igal Bursztyn
Production:David Goldstein
Production Company:Israeli Film Service
Photographer: Zecharia Raz, Hanania Baer
Original Music: Unknown
Narrator: Ram Evron
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A 35 episode documentary TV series created by the Israeli Film Service.
The script follows a week by week account of events in the 1948 war, starting with the 1947 UN resolution on the Partition Plan for Palestine and concluding with Israel’s first Defense Forces Parade, on July 27, 1948.
,s well as testimonies and later interpretations by political leaders.

The Haganah’s acts of retaliation are planned under a heavy cloak of secrecy Operation teams learn details and meet each other only shortly before an attack is carried out. They use undercover vehicles to pass through checkpoints manned by armed Arab policemen on route to attacks, but if they are exposed, they must revise the course of action, evacuate themselves under heavy fire, and evacuate injured members. The Christianowned Semiramis Hotel bombing on January 5, 1948, a terrorist attack by the Haganah paramilitary group targeting one of the two Arab headquarters operating in Jerusalem’s Katamon neighborhood, destroys the building and kills 26 civilians, including the Spanish deputy consul. The bombing is harshly criticized by the British authorities, who express deep concern that it would lead to the evacuation of Katamon’s Arab population. In Palestine’s north, isolated settlements are attacked by Syrian paramilitary groups, attacks that will intensify later during the 1948 War.

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