Hakibbutz Hameuchad (United Kibbutz) Film and Reel Collection

The United Kibbutz Newsreel #8

17 Minutes, 1957
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Directed by: Gidon Ucko
Production Company:Naan Filming Studios
Photographer: Gidon Ucko
Language: Hebrew
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A day after the Shomron operation, during which one of the members of the Nahal settlement in Ashlim died, the settlement soldiers held a military ceremony in the presence of the Minister of Internal Affairs, followed by a dance and singing performance. After the show, the settlement members and their guests dined while the desert dust filled the air, reminding them that there is still much work to be done to flourish the desolation. At the art center, established in Ein Harod by the painter Haim Atar, an inspiring exhibition of the painter Candido Portinari, dedicated to the battle against war, is presented. The field festival was celebrated on the last day of Sukkot in Kibbutz Heftziba, marking the work and harvest of the field. The ceremony began with the distribution of a giant challah and speeches by the head of the regional council, Tuvia Ben David, and the head of the agricultural center, Avraham Hertzfeld. Then, the festival events began, including a harvest competition with a scythe, tractor races, rope pulling, and a cube search in a haystack. The winners of the championship were Kibbutz Ein Harod, and the children who won received ice pops.

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