Geva Newsreel 152, 1958

Israels Tenth Independence Day Events in Tel Aviv Area

2 Minutes, 1958
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

In Tel Aviv, ornaments are hung in the streets and buildings are decorated with lights on Israels tenth Independence Day. At the Ramat Gan stadium, the IDF holds the main display at the end of the holiday. Ten torches are lit atop ten tall masts, and dozens of soldiers carrying Israel flags march at the beginning of the event. Afterward, 500 female soldiers dressed in white demonstrate group fitness exercises. They display an artistic performance with ribbons and form the number 10 on the field. The female soldiers then stand on a tall wooden arch set between the masts, as beneath them, emerge bare-chested male soldiers carrying torches. The soldiers perform a synchronized display with the torches, as fireworks light the stadiums sky.


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