Geva Newsreel 260, 1962

A look at the Renewed Levant Fair in Tel Aviv

2 Minutes, 1962
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Thousands visit the renewed Levant Fair in Tel Aviv and observe it from cablecars suspended above the grounds. At a playground built by Israel Discount Bank, preschool teachers watch infants as they play with toy cars and train models while their parents visit the exhibition. A tall mast towers above the Amkor pavilion at the Fair, and at its foot, a television studio established by the company broadcasts a channel to screens dispersed across the compound. Members of the directorate of Amkor and AMPA companies, Shimon Elman and Mr. Saharoni, display the brands new models: refrigerators, a phonograph, an electric shaver, and a new mixer. At the textile and furniture pavilions, visitors observe Pinati dinettes, Bengali wooden blinds, Carmel and Arpadon carpets, Ramtex drapery, and clothes by different manufacturers.


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