Yoman Geva 208, 1960

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UN, Food, Carmel Herzliya Newsreel, Fashion, Political Ideologies, Environmental Protection, Military Training, Events and Ceremonies, Arts, Art, Gala Dinner, Swimsuit, Clothing, Bikkurim (First-Fruits), Cooking, Health, Gottex, Crops, Kindergarten, Horticulture, Model, Diplomat, Fuel, Religion and Tradition, Religious Men, Eastern Bloc, National Council For Accident Prevention, The Cold War, Commission, Holiday, Holidays, Foreign News, World News, Quiz, International Bible Contest, Soldiers, Women Soldiers, United States Air Force, Education, Agriculture, Pilot, Technology, Ceremony, Opening Ceremony, Judaism, International Relations and Diplomacy, Diplomatic Relations, Israeli Production, Children, Soccer, Vehicles, Economy, Conference, Europe Countries, Science and Technology, Food, Kitchen, Airplane, Fighter Jet, Horse Race, Firemen, Car, Beauty Queen, Waiter, Government and Politics, Commerce, Party, Press Conference, Factory, Police, Family, Royal Family, Law and Order, Ministry Of Education, Ministry Of Commerce And Industry, Ministry Of Interior, Ministry Of Transport, Nazism, Prince, Princess, Crude Oil, President, Women, Socialism, Cigarettes, Festive Meal, Movie, Smoking, Newspaper, Journalism, Politics, Workers, Criminal, Feminism, Commercial, Army, Army and Security, Arab Armies, IDF, Israeli Defense Force, Aerial View, Birds, Spectators, Cinema, Filmmaker, Drilling, Jewish National Fund, Prime Minister, Mayor, Military Rabbinate, Rabbies, Espionage, Dance, Folk Dance, Chief Of Staff, Laisha, Weekly Newspaper, Shavuot, Ambassador, Field, Airport, Policeman, Judge, Movie Actor, Actress, Minister, Fire, Accident, Traffic Accident, Transportation, Competition, Telma Food Company, Bible, Aviation, Industry, Industry and Commerce, Industrialist, Fashion Show, Communication, Culture, Culture and Art, Military Exercise

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