Geva Newsreel 094, 1956

Rivka and Mordechai Guber Donate Their Farm in Kfar Warburg and Move to the Lakhish Region

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Directed by: Unknown
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Rivka and Mordechai Guber donate their farm and house in Kfar Warburg and move to settle in Hevel Lakhish region, where Mordechai Guber will become the head of the regional council, and the couple will continue their activities in advancing settlements and assisting new immigrants in establishing new immigrant communities in the region. In the cemetery in the Moshav appear the two tombstones over the graves of the couples two sons, both killed in the War of Independence. A farewell ceremony is held in Kfar Warburg, where Mordechai Guber delivers a speech. Guber served as the head of the Beer Tuvia regional council between 1950-1954. Rivka Guber is the 1976 Israel Prize laureate for her lifes work in immigration absorption.

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