Geva Newsreel 460, 1970

A Steel Production Process in a Plant

1 Minute, 1970
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A visit to a steel production plant in Kiryat Plada (industrial area where steel is produced) in the Gulf of Acre. The episode documents the steel production process at the factory, where the production line runs 24 hours a day and the machines work nonstop. The section shows how metal is forged and iron blended to form steel. First, furnaces are presented where the heat reaches about 1200-1300 °C, in which crude steel is melted until it becomes rods and beams composed mainly of iron, along with other materials of low and variable concentrations. The metal casting is poured into molds, which are then inserted into machines that create a thin beam in the form of a glowing snake. The glowing iron beam moves on the strip of the production line, until it is cut to the desired size.

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