Carmel Herzeliyya Newsreel 493, 1967

Jerusalem Reunified at the End of Six-Day War

8 Minutes, 1967
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A special broadcast in honor of the reunification of Jerusalem in the Six-Day War. The Old City, a Jordanian territory since the War of Independence, is in Israeli hands. Jews that have for years wistfully observed the holy city beyond the walls return to its streets. Members of other religions as well no longer need to stand in line and present a permit at Mandelbaum Gate to enter it. Spectators at the Holyland Hotel Model of the Second Temple can now visit its actual remains.
In an interview on the roof of the city hall building on the old border, Mayor Teddy Kollek expresses his content from the unification. Nearby, bulldozers destroy the wall that separated the two countries.
In Jaffa Street in the center of Jerusalem, Arab residents walk around the area they were banned from before the war. Jews stroll around stands, shops, tamarind sellers and hookah smoking locals in the Old City market. One of the Arab merchants expresses happiness on the increased number of buyers and hopes that the reunification will see him get back his old house in West Jerusalem.
The Temple Mount is open for members of all religions and at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Christians residing in Israel pray. Israel also gained control over many other sacred places around the capital: the churches on Mount of Olives, Foundation Stone in Dome of the Rock, monumental tombs in the Kidron Valley, Rachels Tomb in Bethlehem, Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, Tomb of Samuel and the Western Wall, where Jews pray, wear Tefillin and blow Shofars.
The citys reunification combines the old sites in its East with the modern institutions in its West: the Hebrew University in Givat Ram, the Knesset, the Government Complex and the Israel Museum.

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