Geva Newsreel 486, 1971

Progress in Negotiations Between Israel and Egypt

2 Minutes, 1971
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

At the eve of the expiration of the ceasefire agreement between Israel and Egypt, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat announces that Egypt will extend the ceasefire for another thirty days to move forward with negotiations with Israel through the mediation of UN envoy Gunnar Jarring. President Sadat suggests that Israel make a partial withdrawal from the eastern bank of the canal. Prime Minister Golda Meir responds that the issue of opening the canal is separate from the peace agreement but that Sadats suggestion is being considered. Along the canal buildings which were destroyed by bombings are seen, soldiers stationed on the border patrol the Sinai desert in military vehicles and observe the other Suez bank with binoculars, also Bedouin population is seen somewhere in the Sinai Peninsula.

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