Geva Newsreel 333, 1965

A Hasidic Wedding Between the Son of the Admor of Lelov-Karlin and the Daughter of Rabbi Friedman of Jaffa

1 Minute, 1965
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

A big Hasidic wedding is held in Tel Aviv: the groom Yissachar Dov Biderman, the son of Moshe Mordechai Biderman, the Admor of Lelov-Karlin, marries the daughter of Rabbi Friedman from Jaffa. The bride is greeted by her relatives who surround her. Many devotees pray together, some of whom have come from abroad for the wedding. The ceremony takes place outdoors, as the groom and the covered bride (name unknown) are led separately to the Chuppah.


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