Geva Newsreel 390, 1967

The Six Day War

8 Minutes, 1967
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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: English, Hebrew

Following sixty hours of warfare, Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin appears at a press conference and describes the moves and battles of the Six Day War. After him, Defense Minister Moshe Dayan speaks about dealing with Arab armies. Sights of destruction are visible all over the country: shell-damage and fires. Netanya was bombed from the air by Iraqi and Jordanian planes. Tel Baruch and Central Tel Aviv were bombed by the Jordanian friend. Border communities of Nahal Oz and Kibbutz Dan have suffering casualties. Cattle was killed and crops are on fire.

The wars chronology is now outlined. About 400 Arab army planes are destroyed on the first day of the fighting, (when the airport in al-Arish was captured on the ground, showing the destruction sown earlier). Egypts ground and air forces launch an operation against the IDF and are being repulsed. Israeli armored vehicles are advancing towards Khan Yunis. Egyptian weapons positions are abandoned and Rafah is occupied. Thousands of prisoners sit on the ground bound hand and eye. Tanks and military booty are taken by IDF soldiers. Sharm el-Sheikh Bay and the Straits of Tiran are occupied by the Navy Unit and the crossing returns to being an international waterway.

IDF soldiers enter Qalqilya. The Old City of Jerusalem is besieged and then conquered. Defense Minister Moshe Dayan and Chief of Staff Yitzhak Rabin enter the Mandelbaum Pass towards the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Upon arrival, a prayer is held and notes are inserted between the stones of the Western Wall. Prime Minister Levi Eshkol arrives in the Old City and assures the heads of the communities that the holy places will be preserved.

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