Yoman Geva 301, 1964

Pope Paul VIs Visit to East Jerusalem and Jordan

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Pope Paul VI visits Jordan and East Jerusalem as part of his visit to the Holy Land. The Pope lands at Amman airport and is welcomed by King Hussein alongside a guard of honor at the airport. Later, Pope Paul VI arrives in East Jerusalem under Jordanian rule and he walks in the Via Dolorosa, while Jordanian police officers try to rescue and protect him of the chaos in the alleys. In Damascus Gate pictures of King Hussein of Jordan and the Pope are hanging on the gate, the Pope finds it difficult to get out of his car due to the rush and bustle at the site. On the banks of the Jordan River near Jericho where, according to the tradition, John baptized Jesus, the Pope prays in a special ceremony. Later he arrives at the Mount of Olives for a historic meeting with the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Patriarch Athenagoras I, in a meeting aimed at demonstrating Christian unity. This is the first time in 500 years that the heads of the two churches meet. The Pope reads his speech to the crowd assembled. Finally, a large crowd is seen walking in Bethlehem.

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