[Keren Haysod Galil]

The Upper Galilee During the 1920s

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Directed by: Unknown
Subtitles: Hebrew

An advertising video on behalf of Keren Hayesod and Keren Kayemet LeIsrael, which depicts the daily life in the Upper Galilee region and emphasizes the contribution of the Jewish National Fund and the United Israel Appeal to the Jewish settling in the area using slides with German captions. The Jordan River near Kibbutz Degania A., a shepherd, leading sheep on the river bank; Farmers working in a field, a horse-drawn carriage crossing near a barn on Kibbutz Degania B. Farmers work in a banana plantation, Farmers work in a vineyard and an orchard, agricultural produce is loaded into crates. Sea ​​of ​​Galilee. The children of the kibbutz wander around. Kibbutz Kvutzat Kinneret, children walking in a field. Farmers sweep hay and operate heavy-duty agricultural machinery in a field on the Sea of ​​Galilees shores, cows on the waters edge. The city of Tiberias, the Old City houses, the Sea Mosque, city streets, and alleys. A large group of pilgrims outside the tomb of Rabbi Meir Baal Hanes. Camels walk on the road leading from the Galilee to Syria. Archaeological remains of the ancient synagogue in Capernaum. Jewish and Bedouin fishers sailing boats near the Jordan river estuary to the Sea of ​​Galilee, fishers pull fishing nets from the water. A Bedouin encampment on the waters edge, a woman weaving sheeps wool, the production team is hosted in the encampment. A British police station near the Daughters of Jacob Bridge. Hula Lake, papyrus sedge, a Bedouin village on the shores of the lake; Bedouin women weave papyrus mats, the children of the village, a woman carrying a child and a mat in front of the camera, a pile of locally-made mats, a woman carrying a pair of goats, villagers working in processing the papyrus and making the mats. Mount Hermon. Kfar Giladi, a shepherd, mounted on a donkey leading a herd of goats and sheep. HaTanur Waterfall.

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