Yoav From The Navy Commando

Yoav From the Navy Commando

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A short Israeli Film Service documentary about Shayetet 13.
The reason why I came to the unit, explains Yoav, a new Shayetet 13 recruit, is the feeling that the things you do are yours, and that you are more than just a cog in the wheel. This film documents the grueling training Yoav and his friends undergo to become frogmen in the Shayetet: staying in a hyperbaric chamber, competing in freediving, practicing rowing, learning technical diving, and exercising attaching mines to watercraft and storming objectives on a beach. After long months of training, the new fighters receive their insignias from Chief of the General Staff Lieutenant General Mordechai Gur.
(Director and scriptwriter: Micha Limor; editor: Tova Biran; Hanania Bar, Ilan Rosenberg, and Joe Rimmer)

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